Zoo Lotto Win

Zoo staff scoop £1Million on the Lottery.

A group of zoo workers from Colwyn Bay went wild with joy after scooping a £1m lottery win. 
A syndicate of 16 members of staff from Welsh Mountain Zoo celebrated their windfall in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle inside the Lemurs enclosure.

Each member of the group will get £62,500, allowing staff to pay for houses, a dream wedding and the holiday of a lifetime.

Peter Litherland, 50, an animal collection manager who lives at the zoo, said: “We’re still all absolutely stunned. We cannot believe that something like this could happen to us.

“I hadn’t even bothered to check the ticket as we never believed we would win. It was only when I went to buy our next tickets online that I realised we’d won.

“I thought the website couldn’t be right and asked my girlfriend, ‘does that say what I think it says?’ 
“We sat there for 15 minutes looking at it in disbelief before we started calling around and more and more keepers started turning up. When it was confirmed over the phone, we all cheered and hugged each other and there were a few tears. I think it’s fair to say none of us slept that night. Mr Litherland said the syndicate was still deciding how to spend their winnings, but new cars and dream holidays were all on the shopping list. "I would love to go to Australia as i have never seen the wildlife there," he said. " It would be amazing to see animals in the wild which are only in the zoo in this country." 
The 'Zoo Folk' syndicate buys tickets for the EuroMillions draws twice a month and always plays
with the lucky dip numbers. They say they will to continue to play following their win.



New Goals App

Action on the Beaches !

with new football app.

The Sun newspaper has launched a new football goals app which allows fans to see their favorite team's goals seconds after they have been scored.
Paul Sharp, who was on a day out in Blackpool, was able to watch his team Liverpool score on the first day of the new premiership season thanks to his iPad and the new app. As Paul found out it even works on the beach in the Lancashire seaside resort.. The app also has top class text comentary on all matches, letting fans keep up to date with all the action as it happens.



From Homeless to Cambridge Uni

Chelsea McCluskey who slept rough on the streets of

Manchester has landed place at Cambridge University.

Chelsea's life fell apart just months into her A-levels after problems at home forced her to sleep on friends' couches and spend several terrifying nights on the streets of Manchester city centre.
She turned her future around 
thanks to the determination of her tutor and the kindness of best friend Leah McNair-Acton. Two years later, Chelsea has proved tutors right by comfortably winning a place to study psychology at Cambridge's Murray Edwards College with an outstanding clutch of grades. 

Chelsea, who scored 2A* and 2A, said: 'I couldn't cope going to college and dropped out. I was sofa-surfing and sleeping rough in the city. 'I tried to go through a number of agencies but ended up living with my friend and her mum. My tutor was the first to notice that I wasn't at college and he started to send me emails and ask me to come back.

'I wasn't sure at first whether I could pick myself up. Nobody knew how bad it had been for me until I went back. 
Chelsea, who works three nights a week in a bar to pay for rent, admits the forthcoming three years in Cambridge will be a financial squeeze


But she added: 'I'm telling myself that nothing I can do will be as hard as the last 18 months that I've been through.'




Hair Tattoo

Tattoo Back & Sides

Help is at hand for male baldness as HIS Hair unveils new technique to tattoo hair onto the head of follically challenged men.

For many men going bald upsets them more than bankruptcy or bachelorhood, and British men will worry about it more than than anyone else in Europe.
The new technique by HIS (Hair-Ink-Skin) hair was launched in Manchester by Celebrity Hairdresser Adee Phelan. "I was 24 when I started losing my hair. I got behind the product because I know it looks good" Adee said. "Going bald didn't particularly bother me, but there are guys out there who are literally suicidal about it" 
The TV stylist, whose clients include David Beckham, Kerry Katona, Elizabeth Jagger, Sarah Harding and England footballers said "Stars like Wayne Rooney, tweeting about having a hair transplant have really helped the cause and have encouraged people to face it head-on. But not everybody has £25,000 to spend and this is a great affordable alternative".
The procedure which costs an average of £2000, was developed by Ian Watson, who founded HIS hair after he developed alopecia in his mid-twenties, following the tragic death of his 32 year old brother Paul from cancer. In desperation he asked Paul's widow, Ranbir Rai-Watson to find the finest pen she could get to draw dots onto his scalp, hoping to emulate the look of a 'cropped' haircut. The ink came off in the shower but Ian, now 42 and mother of one Ranbir, 41, knew their 'crazy idea' could become a successful business concept. After years of intensive research, they began honing the MHT (Micro Hair Technique) alongside some of the world's best hair loss experts, as well as semi-permanent make-up artists.




Life through a Lens

Ashton Kutcher takes in the sights of the Greek capital Athens. 

He is one of the most recognisable and famous actors used to being photographed wherever he goes, but Ashton turned the tables when he got behind his own camera to snap the sights of the historic city.

Ashton Kutcher spent the run-up to the new year in Athens with friends where he visited some of the Greek capital's most famous landmarks. Ashton and friends jetted in from Italy to spend some time in the city. They were driven around in a blacked out 4X4 and even picked up their own private tour guide to talk them through some of the local sights.

The drive around the city finished up with the friends taking in panoramic views of the Acropolis from a neighbouring vantage point just before sunset.

The Two And A Half Men actor, who has been in the headlines after being allegedly dumped by wife Demi Moore, flew out to Europe with friends before Christmas and New Year and was spotted days earlier  in Rome with friends, including stunning screen writer Lorene Scafaria, who previously dated The O.C actor Adam Brody.

Lorene was not seen with Ashton in Athens and the Friends With Benefits star was in the company of other pals.

While in Europe, Ashton also paid a visit to Germany, where he appeared to be enjoying the single life. He was spotted in the company of three women a few days before Christmas in Berlin.

Kutcher was in the German city for work - he is said to be researching a new tech platform - but clearly found time to mix business with pleasure.

For his sight seeing drip in Athens, Kutcher dressed casually in jeans, a large coat and beanie as he wandered around with a camera hanging around his neck.

In November Demi announced her intention to file for divorce from Ashton following claims he cheated on her on the eve of their sixth wedding anniversary with party girl Sara Leal.                                                                                                                                                                                                 



Super Mario

Fireworks with Balotelli

Manchester City's charismatic striker Mario Balotelli suffered damage to his Cheshire home after fireworks started a fire in a Bathroom.


Super Mario, as many of the City fans call him, is better known for his fireworks on the pitch, and his performace against neighbours Manchester United, less than 36 hours after the incident at his home, didn't disappoint the city faithfull.

Pictured leaving the Blues training ground the day after the derby match Balotelli was holding a mystery parcel..."lets hope it's not more fireworks" one fan was heard to say while waiting to catch a glimpse of the player.

Up to 10 firefighters tackled the blaze at his luxury mansion after a prank with fireworks went badly wrong.
Bathroom towels caught light and the flames spread, but Balotelli reportedly said that he didn't cause the fire and that the offending firework was lit by friends.

The Manchester City player is no stranger to controversy since his £24 Million transfer from Inter Millan in 2010, but many fans point out that he is still only 21 years old, and is having to grow up quickly. One thing is sure, he certainly knows how to make a bang whether it is on or off the field of play




Le Vell Return

Le Vell Back at work

Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell is pictured at the wheel of his pick-up truck arriving back at the Granada TV soap studios after allegations he sexually abused a child.

46 year old Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster in the soap, was arrested at his home in Hale, Greater Manchester, on suspicion of an historic sexual offence. The actor was questioned at a police station for almost eight hours before later releasing  a statement saying  'I strenuously deny these allegations and will do everything in my power to prove my innocence




Rooney Party

Rooney's Birthday Party

Both Wayne and Coleen, who arrived separately for the Manchester United striker's 26th Birthday celebrations, looked very down in the mouth. Perhaps it was something to do with the fact that the Manchester United team had just hours earlier suffered a huge defeat at the hands of their 'noisy neighbours' Manchester City.



2 Bob Tuesday

Students 10p Drinks

The Showbar in Warrington, Cheshire, was forced to reduce its prices to compete with rival Bars, introducing its 2 Bob Tuesday promotion nights for students ..........................with inevitable consequences.

With the price of drinks on a night out as cheap as 10p each, it was not surprising how drunk some of the students in the Cheshire town of Warrington became.

Later in the night they poured out of the bars in search of fresh air and the chance to light up a cigarette, but some were not capable of even walking and so kerb stones in the streets became their seats.

The promotion had been defended by the Showbar’s marketing manager, Derek Load, who claimed other bars in the town had even lower prices.‘We’ve been unfairly criticised,’ he said. ‘We are aiming the night at students during freshers’ week to welcome them to the town. We don’t force them to drink'

The event was targeted at the hundreds of students newly arrived in the town for freshers’ week. The scenes of semi-comatose revellers spilling on to the streets will add to concerns that a generation of students is being sucked into a cycle of alcohol abuse by aggressive drink promotion.
Little wonder then that some MPs are in support of a minimum price for alcohol.


Burglar Death

Homeowner who stabbed burglar to death,
cleared of all charges.

A clearer interpretation of the law which allows reasonable force to be used against intruders, has resulted in a married father defending his property and family being told he will face no charges for stabbing a burglar to death.

Vincent Cooke, a wealthy businessman from Bramhall, Greater Manchester, was arrested in September on suspicion of murder, after 2 men burst into his home on a Saturday evening.

The attackers led Mr Cooke around his own home looking for money and valuables, but after a struggle in which one of the intruders was  stabbed in the leg, he bled to death in the doorway of the detached

Mr Cooke, the boss of a courier firm, spoke of his relief that he would not face prosecution     and said the experience had left him traumatised. He said 'I'm still suffering flashbacks and having nightmares. I will never forget the day I had to fight for my life'

The story made headlines around the world and the family have now been forced to flee their home due to fears of reprisals.

How the Norwegian Newspaper VG reported the story (below)


Jenson Button

Racing on the Streets of Manchester

Racing driver Jenson Button thrilled crowds of spectators by bringing Formula One to the heart of Manchester.

Fresh from a podium finish at the Belgian Grand Prix the previous day, Button got behind the wheel of a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1™ car and raced through Manchester city centre in a one-off event.

Fans of the sport lined the streets to get a glimpse of the F1 hero as he raced down a track which was created along Deansgate

After finishing on the podium at the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday, Button got behind the wheel of a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1™ car and raced through Manchester city centre in a one-off event.

The 2009 formula one world champion who finished 3rd in the race at Spa Francorchamps less than 24 hours earlier, took to the rather less well know track which was specially created through the streets of Manchester.
Motorsports fans lined the entire track hoping to get a view of the racer during the bank holiday special event.

The event was hailed a success and Button tweeted afterwards
 'Great day in Manchester.. Still can't believe how many people came to watch today! Amazing crowd!! Hope you all enjoyed the show'


Man City sign Samir Nasri

After this summer's longest football transfer speculation, Manchester City finally landed their man with with the signing of Arsenal's highly prized midfielder Samir Nasri.

The arrival of Nasri At City's Etihad Stadium has reportedly cost the blues £24 million, with the player picking up a £185,000 a week pay packet in his 4 year contract. The deal was sealed today, despite late interest from rivals United, completing boss Roberto Mancini's line-up of world class players.
Nasri was critical of the Arsenal fans passion....

He said: 'The [City] fans remind me of Marseille. Arsenal have good fans but they are not that passionate since they moved from Highbury to the Emirates.

'I remember when we lost 3-0 to City the crowd was amazing and that's what I want. I'm here to play football and to enjoy it and to win titles.
'It's a big relief because there were long, long negotiations between the two clubs. Now I'm finally a City player and I'm really happy.
'I was a little a bit frustrated because I said to the manager [Arsene Wenger] that I wanted to leave. I wanted to do pre-season with Manchester City and to meet my new team-mates. It's a new start and I'm looking forward to it.'




Lottery Winner

Lucky Lottery Winner Lisa Alderson scooped £66,727 on the National Lottery after winning twice on the same night.

Lisa was left stunned when she won £66,277 on the main Lotto game and a further £450 on the Lotto Hot Picks.The 39 year old single mother from Salford, Greater Manchester, works part time at a local sandwich bar and cafe and says she plans to spend the money on a holiday in Mexico for her family to celebrate her 40th Birthday. She has also ordered a brand new Audi A3 car for herself. 

Lisa who has been playing the Lottery since it launched, always chooses the same numbers and uses family birthdays to help her. She said "The lottery launched on my Birthday 17 years ago, so I always hoped this date would bring me some good luck  - and now it has. I watched the draw live with my son so I knew i had won straight away - it was surreal. I have always played with the same numbers so i didnt need to write them down. I just kept ticking them off in my head. As soon as the bonus ball came in, my lucky number 19, I was running around the room shouting 'We've Won, We've Won'. Lisa is due to jet out to Mexico soon after she picks up her new car.

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